Grenada Investments Partners Inc.

Victoria Street, Grenville, Grenada

+1 473 442 5115

Victoria Jane Facey 

Victoria Jane Facey holds dual Grenadian/British citizenship and was born and educated in the United Kingdom and moved permanently to Grenada in 2007.  Since that time, she has held managerial and consultancy positions with Belmont Estate, Glenelg Spring Water and Nyack Compton & Associates.   She currently serves as the Administrative Manager of Grenada Investments Partners Inc.


Previously, Ms. Facey had a successful and varied career spanning 30 years, working in both the public and private business sectors in the United Kingdom and internationally.  In her various portfolios, she has been responsible for business development, implementing effective administrative business systems and coordinating the design of web based communication and information platforms to government agencies, UK Chamber of Commerce, the NHS and other health organizations.  Ms. Facey has also managed large international business and educational events all over the world.