Grenada Investments Partners Inc. is Grenada Company incorporated under the Companies Act CAP 58A of the Laws of Grenada, offering investment and immigration services with its principal business being the Citizenship by Investment program.  The company is an approved local Agent in Grenada providing an expert service to clients wishing to attain Grenadian citizenship and to invest in Grenada.  In addition, the company offers a wide range of legal services through its affiliated law firm, Nyack Compton & Associates.


We offer a totally confidential, safe and expedient client service including effective facilitation of fund transfer, strict auditing, reporting and escrow protocols along with the highest standards of professionalism and efficiency.  Our capacity to facilitate strong business relationships in Grenada is an important asset of our experienced international business, finance and legal team


We believe the combined skills and knowledge of our compact, professional team; extensive real estate, legal and global business knowledge, puts us in the optimal position to offer clients an efficient, totally confidential and focused CBI operation, providing the best choice for your Citizenship by Investment application.

Meet the Team

Shadel's photo .jpg
Shadel Nyack Compton
Principal & Attorney

Shadel Nyack Compton serves as the Principal and Attorney for the firm.  She is licensed in New York, Maryland and the District of Columbia in the United States and St. Lucia and Grenada in the Caribbean, and has over 25 years of experience specializing in Real Estate, Corporate & Business Law and Estate Planning.  As a respected and award winning business and community leader, Shadel heads up the team and directs the company.  Shadel offers an unparalelled knowledge and insight into Grenadian business and culture and has developed a vast network of important and relevant contacts throughout the island.

Rochelle Graham
Legal Coordinator

Rochelle Graham serves as the Legal Coordinator for the team offering top class legal support. As a Paralegal Rochelle brings over 12 years experience in Real Estate, Corporate and Business Law in Grenada.  Her extensive local knowledge and network of ministerial and business contacts are an essential component to the operation and ensure swift and efficient processing of applications. 

Esther Nyack Alexis 
Business Director

Esther joined the GIP team in December, 2019 bringing with her extensive knowledge and experience of the Grenada CBI programme, ensuring the optimal effectiveness and efficiency of our GIP operation.  Esther has had a successful varied career with many years business experience in both the public and private sectors in the United Kingdom. Holding dual British/Grenadian citizenship and having worked for many years in the UK, Esther returned to Grenada at the beginning of 2018 joining one of the top international Residency and Citizenship planning/Marketing Agents as a CBI Compliance and Relationship Manager. Esther has also worked as a UK Immigration case worker and Executive at the Judicial College.  She possess excellent communication skills, a keen eye and knowledge of CBI compliance along with in-depth knowledge of international immigration legislation.

Cerita McSween
Admin Assistant

Cerita offers effective administrative support to the team and is the first point of contact for telephone calls and enquiries.  Cerita also assists Rochelle with legal matters and is developing good relationships with government departments and local businesses alike.